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Japanese Paper Balloons

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Orange Fish large paper balloon

Orange Fish large paper balloon

Ref: JP-BAL-04 This traditional Japanese paper balloon is made from bright, crisp environmental paper. Each balloon comes flat: to use, simply blow in the hole which will force the balloon to expand, inflate and form into its circular shape character .The balloons can be flattened and blown up over and over again. Both adults and children love them; you can simply play catch, decorate childrens parties with them, pop them in party bags or make a mobile (see hanging tip below). A gentle word of advice - pets and small children tend to enjoy squashing and ripping the balloons so we don't recommend them as a toy for the under 3s!

If you want to hang the balloons up, here are a couple of my favourite tips:

1 Sew clear thread through the top fin and then use white tack (same as blue but white!) to attach to ceiling.

2 Unfold a paperclip to make a coiled hook and insert into the fin of the balloon, make a hook with the other end and tie on the thread and attach as above

Balloon length from nose to end of tail: approx 32cm

Price 3.00

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